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Forever and A Day — Vocal Solo

Posted on Mar 7, 2019 in Free Titles, Secular Vocal Solos/Duets, Vocal Solos/Duets

Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry   I recently had a good friend of mine — since childhood — pass away quite suddenly and unexpectedly. It caught me so off-guard. Then the words to this song came to my mind, helping me to express my inner feelings as I worked through this loss. It is a short song because one time through said all I needed to say. READ: The SOLO lyrics in PDF form: ForeverAndADayLYRIC LISTEN: The rough demo (from the Finale file) of the SOLO in mp3 format below: Forever and a Day ORDER: The VOCAL SOLO version of this song is available for FREE download in PDF format: ForeverAndADaySOLOCOMPLETE    (If you do download this song, and play it and/or sing it/perform it — please let us know how you liked it, or didn’t like...

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I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day — Duet (Solo or Choral) — FREE

Posted on Jul 18, 2018 in Christmas Choral, Christmas Solos/Duets, Classics, Free Titles, LDS Choral, LDS Vocal Solos/Duets, New Releases, Spiritual Choral, Spiritual Vocal Solos/Duets

Arranged by C. Michael Perry The classic words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, with the aid of Harlan D. Sorrell and the timeless music of John B. Calkin, with the aid of Johnny Marks, bring this 2-part Christmas arrangement of the Classic song to life. Lauding the life of Christ, the season as we know it, and the state of the world, be it good, bad or indifferent, the hope in this song buoys us up at Christmas Time.   READ: The lyrics in PDF form: IHeardTheBellsLYRIC ALSO, the first page of the sheet music: I Heard The Bells SOP-BARI1stpgs LISTEN: The rough demo (from the Finale file) of the 2-part harmony in mp3 format below: I Heard The Bells SOP-BARI DOWNLOAD: Click I HeardTheBellsDUETCOMPLETE to download your FREE copy. Merry Christmas!   QUESTIONS? –– Email us at: From the Catalog...

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There Is A Green Hill Far Away -SATB — Free

Posted on Jan 14, 2016 in Choral, Free Titles, LDS Choral, New Releases

Music by John H. Gower Words by Cecil Francis Alexander Arranged by C. Michael Perry The beautiful and somber Hymn to help us remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ — for us. The Lyric has not changed from the Hymn Book. The arrangement is markedly different. LISTEN: Below is a mp3 of the song with an instrument replacing the vocal. There Is A Green Hill Far Away   ORDER: This song is free for use in worship services and special occasions where a Choir will sing. The entire song can be downloaded There Is A Green Hill Far AwayCOMPLETE. Please, do not distribute the song to others. Send them here to get their copy. God Bless. From the Catalog...

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Angels We Have Heard On High SATB

Posted on Apr 3, 2013 in Banner, Choral, Christmas Choral, Classics, Free Titles, New Releases

This arrangement of the Traditional carol by C. Michael Perry is from the Cantata Wise Men Still Seek Him, written with Lindy Kerby. It is offered there for free to Church groups for Worship Services and Christmas Choir Concerts. READ: Page ONE of the sheet music: Angels We Have Heard On High SATBp1 LISTEN: The rough demo of the mp3 file (made directly from the Finale file) can be heard below: Angels We Have Heard On High SATB ORDER: (THE FULL PDF DOWNLOAD Angels We Have Heard SATBCOMPLETE) FREE of charge to Church Groups not charging admission. All others please pay the regular fee of $15.00 which will license your group to make copies for your use. (Use this cart, and upon confirmation of payment and information, we will email you the pdf document. Email us at: with your name,...

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Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus Descant- FREE

Posted on Apr 3, 2013 in Free Titles, LDS Choral, New Releases

There is a song in the Children’s Songbook, published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that is a lovely and plaintive paen to the Savior and his Birth. I have done a descant to that song. Please feel free to use this descant FREE of charge whenever you legally perform the song by Mabel Gabbott Jones and Grietje Terburg Rowley as per the instructions in the Children’s Songbook. LISTEN: Samuel Tells of…Descant DOWNLOAD: here is the full descant for FREE download: Samuel Tells of…Descant Email us with your name, the name of your group and a phone number. We would love to know how your performance went. From the Catalog of:...

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The Promise of Christmas – Special Offer Christmas Program

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Banner, Cantatas & Programs, Christmas Choral, Free Titles, New Releases

This is a script framework with suggested songs to help the congregation of your church group to a deeper meaning of the true story of Christmas. This was written for a Home Ward Christmas Party. It will last about 25 minutes. It spends a Family Home Evening with one family as they go through the Christmas Story from the scriptural perspective, using the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The script is serious in nature, with a little humor built in between siblings and parents. The Script is written around the use of seven songs and an original poem. Two of these songs are not in the public domain and are suggestions only. Arrangements for their use must be made, probably just by purchasing copies of the music as noted in the script. There is NO CHARGE — yes,...

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