Wise Men Still Seek Him • Special Offer Christmas Program

This Cantata was created as a collaboration between Lindy Kerby and C. Michael Perry. It was performed on Christmas of 2012, in a truncated version due to time constraints, in our home LDS Ward. (© 2011 by Little Miracles, LLC [kerbymusic.org] and Shining Sharon Music [shiningsharonmusic.com])

This program is offered FREE OF CHARGE [just download it] to Church Groups wishing to use the piece in a Worship Service or Sacrament Meeting, or even in a public concert where no admission is charged.

For other public uses of this Cantata, by School, Community, University or Professional Choirs — whether admission is charged or not — we ask that you pay a slight royalty charge of $15.00. (Contact us at [email protected] for permission.)

The download from this site includes a script that deals with a family reassuring their young son, who has been selected to play a Wiseman in the local Christmas pageant, that his role is important and far reaching: the Wisemen of old were a model for us all. The ‘discussion’ acts as a narration that ties the songs together into one whole. The entire Cantata should take about 40 minutes. The songs are as follows:

  • Far, Far Away (by Lindy Kerby and C. Michael Perry, based on themes of “Far, Far Away On Judea’s Plains.”)
  • Be It Unto Us (by Lindy Kerby, an original composition about how Mary and Joseph must have felt to be selected as the Earthly parents of the Savior of the World.)
  • Holy Little Lambs (by Lindy Kerby, an original composition, describing the parallels between the Holy Lambs used for the Temple Sacrifices and Christ as the Holy Lamb and each of us in our Sacrifices to the Lord.)
  • Angels We Have Heard On High (Arranged by C. Michael Perry, to be used as a Congregational Hymn, or not.)
  • Below Us All (by C. Michael Perry and Lindy Kerby, describing the ‘place’ of Christ’s Birth — a lowly manger — where he could rise from a place Below Us All to be the Greatest of All. Because of His having descended to a place Below Us All, He gained the wisdom to know what each of us deals with, and struggles through.)
  • Wise Men Still Seek Him (by Lindy Kerby, states that the Wise Men of old were truly wise and inspired of God to search, or seek, Him. That we, today, are also wisemen (and women) who can seek and FIND Him.)
  • Joy To The World (Arranged by Lindy Kerby, with the congregation joining on the last verse.)

The Download File

is in PDF format and contains the dialogue narration and music for all seven songs. Please, only download for free if you qualify for free downloading. (See 1st two paragraphs on this page.) If you need to pay, use the ‘ADD TO CART’ button below. WE DO ACCEPT PAYPAL PAYMENTS!

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Performances of the Cantata “Wise Men Still Seek Him”:

  • Tuggerah Ward, Gosford Australia Stake – 2015
  • South Jordan Highland 3rd Ward, South Jordan, Utah, USA – 2013
  • Deloraine Ward, Devonport Stake in Tasmania, Australia – 2013
  • (If you have downloaded it and produced it — let us know! We’d love to list you here. EMAIL US)