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Christmas Programs for Sacrament Meetings

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 in Cantatas & Programs

Compiled by C. Michael Perry Written by Myrth Burr, Carolyn Gifford, Charlee Cardon Wilson Published and offered in cooperation with Zion BookWorks and Zion Theatricals Christmas Programs for Sacrament Meetings Volume 1 Compiled by C. Michael Perry. Featuring the work of Charlee Cardon Wilson, Myrth Burr and Carolyn Gifford, this Resource Manual of outlines and narrative structures will lend creativity and spiritual cohesiveness to your Christmas Sacrament Meeting presentations. All 7 of the selections included use popular Christmas songs and hymns to carry the wonderful message of the birth of the Christ Child to your congregations. A minimum number of individual copies of each program (emailed in a PDF document to you) must be purchased from the publisher to obtain performance or reading rights. The most you could spend on any reading is $8.00. There is no other royalty....

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The Promise of Christmas – Special Offer Christmas Program

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Banner, Cantatas & Programs, Christmas Choral, Free Titles, New Releases

This is a script framework with suggested songs to help the congregation of your church group to a deeper meaning of the true story of Christmas. This was written for a Home Ward Christmas Party. It will last about 25 minutes. It spends a Family Home Evening with one family as they go through the Christmas Story from the scriptural perspective, using the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The script is serious in nature, with a little humor built in between siblings and parents. The Script is written around the use of seven songs and an original poem. Two of these songs are not in the public domain and are suggestions only. Arrangements for their use must be made, probably just by purchasing copies of the music as noted in the script. There is NO CHARGE — yes,...

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Wise Men Still Seek Him -Special Offer Christmas Program

Posted on Mar 1, 2013 in Banner, Cantatas & Programs, Choral, Free Titles, LDS Choral, New Releases

This Cantata was created as a collaboration between Lindy Kerby and C. Michael Perry. It was performed on Christmas of 2012, in a truncated version due to time constraints, in our home LDS Ward. (© 2011 by Little Miracles, LLC [] and Shining Sharon Music []) This program is offered FREE OF CHARGE [just download it] to Church Groups wishing to use the piece in a Worship Service or Sacrament Meeting, or even in a public concert where no admission is charged. For other public uses of this Cantata, by School, Community, University or Professional Choirs — whether admission is charged or not — we ask that you pay a slight royalty charge of $15.00. (Contact us at for permission.) The download from this site includes a script that deals with a family reassuring their young son, who...

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