Perish Not! • Mosiah 4

Words and Music by C. Michael Perry With a text inspired by Mosiah Chapter 4 in the Book of Mormon, we are being admonished by King Benjamin to live up to what Christ asks of us and we will not be found wanting at the last day. Verse 29: “… And now, O man, remember, […]

Who Am I, Lord? • Congregational Hymn or Choral with Solo

Music, Lyrics and Arrangements by Richard Danley We all ask the question: “Am I worthy of Your attention, Lord?” Each one of us is a Child of God, entitled to His influence in our lives, even if we think we are not worthy of it, or cannot live with it. READ: The lyrics in PDF […]

Becoming • Vocal Solo and SAB (with Piano or Instrumentals)

Words and Music by C. Michael Perry Line upon line, precept on precept, we learn and grow, sometimes at an alarming rate, other times at a snail’s pace. As we are each individuals, this is wholly appropriate. The goal for each of us, for everything that we learn, is to use it to love God, […]

Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah — SATB

Music by John Hughes Words by William Williams Arranged by C. Michael Perry The song, about the guidance and protection that Jehovah offers all of those who trust in his name and power, is arranged for SATB choir. READ: The SATB lyrics in PDF form: Guide Us O Thou LYRICS ALSO, the first page of […]

Gardens -Vocal Solo

Words and Music by C. Michael Perry Gardens, and all the images and symbols that go with them, fill the Scriptures as places for people to grow.  From the terrestrial Garden of Eden and the figurative gardens of the Savior’s parables, to the bleak and purposeful Gethsemane, and on into the Celestial garden of eternity, […]

The Children of Christ • SOLO and SATB

composed and arranged by C. Michael Perry An original song in TWO arrangements based on 4Nephi1: 15-17, about a Zion Society — a perfect city with perfect people. READ: Here are the words of the song in PDF format. ChildrenofChristLYRIC ALSO, the first page of the sheet music for the SOLO: Children Of Christ SOLOp1 […]

We’re Not Alone • Vocal Solo

Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry We do not walk through life by ourselves. God is of course with us every step of the way. But as we learn to do His will, we begin to touch the lives of others, and then we are able to bring them along with us, building bigger […]

I Am His • Vocal Solo

by C. Michael Perry If we love Him and trust Him enough to follow Him, then He counts us as one of His own. We, then, are one with Him and that makes this Earthly sojourn — our walk — so much simpler. READ: Here are the words in PDF format. IAmHislyric ALSO, the first […]

Easy -Vocal Solo

by C. Michael Perry The walk along the strait and narrow path is much easier if you hold on tightly to God’s Word as you walk — and do not let go, keeping in mind his two great commandments: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, might, mind, and strength; and love your […]