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Angels We Have Heard On High SATB

Giotto Bondone: Angel - (detail from Arena di Scroveggni)

Giotto Bondone: Angel – (detail from Arena di Scroveggni)

This arrangement of the Traditional carol by C. Michael Perry is from the Cantata Wise Men Still Seek Him, written with Lindy Kerby.

It is offered there for free to Church groups for Worship Services and Christmas Choir Concerts.


Page ONE of the sheet music: Angels We Have Heard On High SATBp1


The rough demo of the mp3 file (made directly from the Finale file) can be heard below:


(THE FULL PDF DOWNLOAD Angels We Have Heard SATBCOMPLETE) FREE of charge to Church Groups not charging admission. All others please pay the regular fee of $15.00 which will license your group to make copies for your use. (Use this cart, and upon confirmation of payment and information, we will email you the pdf document. Email us at: with your name, the name of your group and a phone number, so we can license the music.)

NON-WORSHIP-SERVICE USE: $15.00 (code: AngelsHeard)

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