Forever and A Day — Vocal Solo

Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry

I recently had a good friend of mine — since childhood — pass away quite suddenly and unexpectedly. It caught me so off-guard. Then the words to this song came to my mind, helping me to express my inner feelings as I worked through this loss. It is a short song because one time through said all I needed to say.


The SOLO lyrics in PDF form: ForeverAndADayLYRIC


The rough demo (from the Finale file) of the SOLO in mp3 format below:


  • The VOCAL SOLO version of this song is available for FREE download in PDF format: ForeverAndADaySOLOCOMPLETE    (If you do download this song, and play it and/or sing it/perform it — please let us know how you liked it, or didn’t like it, and maybe, how well it went.)

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