Perish Not! • Mosiah 4

Words and Music by C. Michael Perry With a text inspired by Mosiah Chapter 4 in the Book of Mormon, we are being admonished by King Benjamin to live up to what Christ asks of us and we will not be found wanting at the last day. Verse 29: “… And now, O man, remember, […]

Oh You Fair Ones • Vocal Solo (Mormon 6:8-22)

Words and Music by C. Michael Perry When Christ appeared to the Nephites (some of His other sheep, mentioned in the Book of John 10:16 — “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and […]

Because An Angel Told Me • Vocal Solo

Words and Music by C. Michael Perry Nephi saw a vision, one that supported exactly what his father, Lehi, saw. He asked in Faith and was rewarded for it. What he saw allowed him to testify of Christ and truth. He was witnessed by the Holy Ghost (The Angel of The Lord), and he could […]

Christmas with the Choir — A Resource Sampler of Choral Songs

Arrangements and Original Compositions by C. Michael Perry James C. Aulenbach James G. Lambert George G. King Carolyn Gifford 18 Joyous Well-known and Original Songs in full arrangements for the Christmas Season. A SAMPLER OF JOY This resource volume provides a way to peruse 18 songs, which if purchased individually could cost more than $72.00. […]

By Faith All Things Are Fulfilled — SATB

Words and Music by James C. Aulenbach Based on Ether 12:3 The well-known scripture in Ether from the Book of Mormon assures us that Christ is in His Heaven, His Spirit blesses us on Earth, and Faith is the Key to the entire Gospel of Jesus Christ. READ: The SATB lyrics in PDF form: ByFaithAllThingsAreFulfilledLYRICS ALSO, […]

Jerusalem, Arise! • Vocal SOLO and SATB

Words and Music by C. Michael Perry The Millennium will come, along with a renewal of all things Holy and Sacred. Jerusalem will arise again to gather the House of Israel home, where we will all be together in Christ. Inspired by the scripture in Moroni Verse 10. READ: The SOLO lyrics in PDF form: […]

The Children of Christ • SOLO and SATB

composed and arranged by C. Michael Perry An original song in TWO arrangements based on 4Nephi1: 15-17, about a Zion Society — a perfect city with perfect people. READ: Here are the words of the song in PDF format. ChildrenofChristLYRIC ALSO, the first page of the sheet music for the SOLO: Children Of Christ SOLOp1 […]

Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus Descant • FREE

There is a song in the Children’s Songbook, published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that is a lovely and plaintive paen to the Savior and his Birth. I have done a descant to that song. Please feel free to use this descant FREE of charge whenever you legally perform the song […]

Sing A Song Of Faith • Vocal Solo and SATB

by C. Michael Perry The joy of  the Gospel of Jesus Christ is enough to urge anyone to sing! Based on a scripture: Helaman 3: 35.   READ: Here are the lyrics in PDF format: SingASongOfFaithLYRIC ALSO: Here is the first page of the SATB sheet music in PDF format: SingASongSATBp1 Here is the first […]