The Promise of Christmas • Special Offer Christmas Program

This is a script framework with suggested songs to help the congregation of your church group to a deeper meaning of the true story of Christmas.

This was written for a Home Ward Christmas Party. It will last about 25 minutes. It spends a Family Home Evening with one family as they go through the Christmas Story from the scriptural perspective, using the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The script is serious in nature, with a little humor built in between siblings and parents.

The Script is written around the use of seven songs and an original poem. Two of these songs are not in the public domain and are suggestions only. Arrangements for their use must be made, probably just by purchasing copies of the music as noted in the script.

There is NO CHARGE — yes, it’s FREE! — for the use of the script. Consider it a Christmas Gift.

The script is downloadable in PDF format PromiseofChristmasSCRIPT(2).

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