Here We Become As One — Vocal Solo/Duet

Words and Music by James C. Aulenbach Two singles becoming one couple is the Holiest of actions; and whether in a Temple, or a Church, or in the office of a Justice of the Peace, matrimony/marriage, is the single most qualifying step for Exaltation in the life to come, for we can ‘be one’ forever. […]

Where Heaven Touches Earth — Vocal Solo

Words and Music by C. Michael Perry There is a special place, longed for before we came to Earth, cherished once found while on Earth. The place where Heaven and Mortality meet — the Temple. READ: The SOLO lyrics in PDF form: WhereHeavenTouchesEarthLYRIC ALSO, the first page of the SOLO sheet music: WhereHeavenTouchesEarthSOLOPREVIEW LISTEN: The […]

Come To The Temple -Vocal Solo, Duet and Choral SATB

Words by R. Don Oscarson Music by Maughan W. McMurdie This lovely, sensitive arrangement from the former Nauvoo Pageant, City of Joseph, outlines the blessing of the Temple to the families of this dispensation, as well as to the World and the Church. READ: The words of the song in PDF form. ComeToTheTempleLYRIC LISTEN: Here […]