Christmas Choral

Choir Package, includes the rights to maintain the electronic file on your computer and print up to TWENTY copies of the song (eighteen for the singers, one for the conductor, and one for the accompanist. If your choir is larger than 18 members, we ask that you purchase an additional Choir Package.)


  • A Child’s Carol — Christmas — by C. Michael Perry (Solo voice, or Group Voices)
  • Christmas Star — Christmas — by George G. King & C. Michael Perry SATB
  • Hosanna! — Easter — by C. Michael Perry SAB
  • In Bethlehem’s Stall — Salvation from He who came as a little child Words and Music by C. Michael Perry. SATB
  • A New Star — Christmas — by C. Michael Perry VOCAL SOLO & SATB (LDS)
  • O, Holy Child — Christmas — by C. Michael Perry (with Carolyn Gifford) SAB & VOCAL DUET
  • A Shining Star — Words and Music by James G. Lambert and C. Michael Perry. A double melody song about the birth of Jesus Christ and the signs that accompanied it. SATB (LDS)
  • The Snow Is Falling — A Christmas Song — James G. Lambert & C. Michael Perry SATB
  • Still! — about the Savior, then and now — by C. Michael Perry & George G.King — SATB