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Fanfare and Scherzo (for Trumpets, Organ and Timpani)

Posted on Dec 30, 2019 in Instrumental Series, New Releases

Composed and Arranged by Richard Danley Fanfare and Scherzo is conceived as a ceremonial piece, appropriate for the beginning of masses and other ceremonial situations, such as graduations. Since it does use an organ, it would be most appropriately used in a church setting or something similar. It would also be quite effective as a selection in an organ concert as it would give variety by adding trumpets and timpani. Later in the scherzo, there is a brief reference to the Navy Hymn. The overall feel of the piece, is one of reflection and celebration. Duration — 2 mins 32 secs PERUSE: Page 1, a SAMPLE PAGE of FULL SCORE is available for download HERE: Fanfare And ScherzoDanleySAMPLE LISTEN: The demo of the FULL SCORE  is made from the Finale file  in mp3 format: Fanfare and Scherzo-score ORDER: (Use...

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A Child’s Carol — SOLO for Single Voice or Group Voices

Posted on Dec 26, 2019 in Choral, Christmas Choral, Christmas Solos/Duets, New Releases, Vocal Solos/Duets

Words and Music by C. Michael Perry As a child or children ponder(s) what she/he/they have heard concerning the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, they realize that, even more than just hearing about it –– they were there. Can be sung as a solo, duet, small group or large group as one or many voices sing in unison.   READ: The SOLO lyrics in PDF form: AChild’sCarol LYRIC Page 1, a SAMPLE PAGE of the 3 page sheet music is available for download HERE: Childs Carol SOLOSAMPLEpage1 LISTEN: The rough demo (from the Finale file) of the SOLO in mp3 format below: Childs Carol SOLO ORDER: (Use this cart, and upon confirmation of payment and information, we will email you the pdf document. Email us at: with your name, the name of your group and a phone number,...

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Debbie: Diary of a Mormon Girl – Vocal Selections

Posted on Dec 3, 2019 in Music Books/Collections

Special Edition music book — The Vocal Selections  for Debbie: Diary of a Mormon Girl in a PDF file contains thirteen songs from the show in piano-vocal arrangements (which include Chord Symbols). Order #2078bvs : $19.00 (which allows you to print out one copy of the Vocal Selections PDF which you must keep in your possession) + Maine sales tax. This is an electronic PDF version licensed specifically to the purchaser and cannot be transferred. There is no print version available at this time. For live and other performance rights Visit: Zion Theatricals HERE (then scroll to the bottom of the page) QUESTIONS? –– Email us at: with your name, the name of your group and a phone number. A co-publication of and    ...

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An Enchanted April a musical • Vocal Selections/Song Book

Posted on Sep 13, 2019 in Music Books/Collections, New Releases

Music & Lyrics by C. Michael Perry Book and Lyrics by Elizabeth Hansen   In just one short Enchanted April, the lives and hearts of four women are transfigured by wisteria, sunshine, a medieval castle…and each other. In this delightfully romantic musical, the power to change, or not to change, is presented on stage through song and scene in a way that all who experience it have been renewed and uplifted by it. London…a particularly dreary February in 1922. Four women long to leave their drab and tedious lives for the sun-soaked hills of Italy. Lotty and Rose are desperate to escape their stifling duties and distant husbands; Mrs. Fisher, a formidable and disapproving woman, wants only to sit in the sun to read and remember her receding youth; and Lady Caroline Dester longs for a place she can...

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Forever and A Day — Vocal Solo

Posted on Mar 7, 2019 in Free Titles, Secular Vocal Solos/Duets, Vocal Solos/Duets

Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry   I recently had a good friend of mine — since childhood — pass away quite suddenly and unexpectedly. It caught me so off-guard. Then the words to this song came to my mind, helping me to express my inner feelings as I worked through this loss. It is a short song because one time through said all I needed to say. READ: The SOLO lyrics in PDF form: ForeverAndADayLYRIC LISTEN: The rough demo (from the Finale file) of the SOLO in mp3 format below: Forever and a Day ORDER: The VOCAL SOLO version of this song is available for FREE download in PDF format: ForeverAndADaySOLOCOMPLETE    (If you do download this song, and play it and/or sing it/perform it — please let us know how you liked it, or didn’t like...

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