Lindy Kerby

There is something about a song that speaks to my soul.
It happens when I hear a beautiful emotional melody, or a lyric that captures exactly the way I am feeling at the present time.
As a composer, I’ve had the opportunity to feel this connection almost every time I sit down to the piano. I play my own songs, as an outward expression of what I’m feeling at the time. When I am sad, I play my sad songs. When I’m happy, I play my happy songs. When I am going through difficult trials, I remind myself of what I’ve learned by playing songs that I’ve written about life, hope, and that God is always there for me.
I’ve shared sheet music for several of my piano and less personal songs, on my Kerby Music website. It makes me happy to think that others are enjoying my music as well.
I also have a desire to share my songs with not just piano players and choir directors, but share my personal stories and songs with people that have gone through the same kinds of experiences that I have. I want to share the hope and joy that I have felt as I’ve learned things and tried to share them in a song.
I invite you to follow along on my journey. It has been a journey of hope, love, discovery and of trying to figure out my purpose in life. Part of that, I believe, is to share these songs with you, and the stories behind them. I hope you’ll enjoy!

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