All The Way • Customizable School Fight Song for BAND with VOCAL

Music, Lyrics and Arrangement by Richard Danley Is your school or organization looking for a tremendous SCHOOL FIGHT SONG to perform at rallies, games and meets? This FIGHT SONG, entitled, “All The Way!” is dynamic, with challenging enough instrumentals that work together splendidly, while being fun and entertaining. The song is built to be able […]

The Three Trumpeteers • with Piano or BAND accompaniment

Written and Arranged by Richard Danley A delightful new Trumpet Romp with a trio of trumpets accompanied by either a piano, or a full Concert Band. INSTRUMENTS: Flute-Picc Oboe Bb Clarinet 1 – 2 Bass Clarinet Bassoon Alto Sax Tenor Sx Bari Sax Trumpet 1 – 2 – 3 Trombone 1 – 2 French Horn […]

Becoming • Vocal Solo and SAB (with Piano or Instrumentals)

Words and Music by C. Michael Perry Line upon line, precept on precept, we learn and grow, sometimes at an alarming rate, other times at a snail’s pace. As we are each individuals, this is wholly appropriate. The goal for each of us, for everything that we learn, is to use it to love God, […]


Composed and Arranged by Richard Danley TWO BROTHERS was conceived as an ANTHEM to our Military, as well as asking questions about our values regarding peace in the world. It is a Paen to Peace. It can be categorized as REFLECTIVE and INSPIRATIONAL, a la “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” It is an Orchestral Accompaniment for […]

Mood Rhapsody • Symphonic Band • Symphony Orchestra

Composed and Arranged by Richard Danley MOOD RHAPSODY is a short, 9-minute Symphonic Band/Orchestra thematic piece reflecting the changes in moods we go through, as seen by the numerous shifts from Minor to Major, etc.  You will notice influences of Gershwin, Rachmaninoff, Joplin, among others. This piece is categorized as being for ADVANCED players. Duration […]

Fanfare and Scherzo (for Trumpets, Organ and Timpani)

Composed and Arranged by Richard Danley Fanfare and Scherzo is conceived as a ceremonial piece, appropriate for the beginning of masses and other ceremonial situations, such as graduations. Since it does use an organ, it would be most appropriately used in a church setting or something similar. It would also be quite effective as a […]