Composed and Arranged by Richard Danley

TWO BROTHERS was conceived as an ANTHEM to our Military, as well as asking questions about our values regarding peace in the world. It is a Paen to Peace. It can be categorized as REFLECTIVE and INSPIRATIONAL, a la “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” It is an Orchestral Accompaniment for a Vocal, so a Tenor or Soprano Singer (or Singers) would be necessary for the performance of the piece.

Duration — 3:40-4:10


Downloadable PDF with Lyrics by Richard Danley (©2018 by Richard Danley All Rights Reserved)

Two Brothers LYRIC


Page 1, a SAMPLE of 3 pages of the FULL SCORE is available for download HERE: TwoBrothersVOCALwINSTSAMPLE


The demo (from a concert performance with live orchestra and vocalists + another mp3 of just the instrumental without vocals) of the FULL SCORE in mp3 format below:


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  • The FULL SCORE of this song is available for purchase as a PDF download. It includes the FULL SCORE, plus 20 parts including: FLUTE, OBOE, ENGLISH HORN, BbCLARINET, BASS CLARINET, BASSOON, HORNS1-2, HORNS3-4, TRUMPET, TROMBONE, TIMPANI, DRUM SET, CYMBALS, HARP, VOCAL, PIANO, VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO, BASS in two PDF files.


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    The Piano-Vocal version of TWO BROTHERS is available from Shining Sharon Music HERE