Because An Angel Told Me • Vocal Solo

Words and Music by C. Michael Perry

Nephi saw a vision, one that supported exactly what his father, Lehi, saw. He asked in Faith and was rewarded for it. What he saw allowed him to testify of Christ and truth. He was witnessed by the Holy Ghost (The Angel of The Lord), and he could not –– would not deny it.

Two Keys are available: Bb for a Baritone solo, and C for a Soprano solo.


The SOLO lyrics in PDF form: Because An Angel LYRIC

Page 1, a SAMPLE PAGE of the 3 page sheet music is available for download HERE: BecauseAnAngelSOPRANOSOLOinCsample


The rough demo (from the Finale file) of the BARITONE SOLO (Key of Bb) in mp3 format below:

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